Delivery Cylinders

Delivery cylinders / Pumping cylinders / Conveying cylinder / Concrete Cylinders) Induction Hardened )

Pumping/Delivery cylinders are among the most critical components of a concrete pump.

Induction Hardened Delivery Cylinders:

The bore ( surface of the inner diameter ) is hardened to a value of 58 - 62 HRC with a case depth of 1.5 mm minimum. The bore is honed to a surface finish of 0.4u. Ra or better. These cylinders are machined on CNC turning centers and other precision machines to ensure good quality.

Hard Chrome Plated Delivery Cylinders:

The bore is Hard Chrome plated to 200 - 300u, thickness. The hardness of Chrome layer is between 700 Hv to 1100 Hv which is about 62 - 70 HRC. The Chrome plated surface is honed post plating to achieve a surface finish of 0.4u. Ra or better. We have the facilities to manufacture Induction Hardened Delivery cylinders of up to 250 mm bore and 2.5mts long. Hard Chrome plated Delivery cylinders upto 300 mm ID and 3000 mm long can be manufactured by us.

Delivery cylinders with different specifications can also be manufactured and supplied. New development or special requirements can be delivered in shortest lead time.

Many leading Concrete Pump manufacturers ( OEMs ) prefer Minar Industries for their requirements of Delivery Cylinders be it Induction Hardened OR Hard Chrome Plated. Minar Delivery cylinders are proved to be cost effective , Value for money and reliable.


MINAR Induction Hardened Delivery Cylinders MINAR Chrome Plated Delivery Cylinders
Minimum hardness layer is 1.5mm thick. Generally the hardness layer is 0.2 to 0.3mm thick
Hard layer is homogenous Hard layer is deposited
ID Induction hardening is an innovative technology Chrome plating is common widely used technology
Rate of production is extremely high Rate of production is comparatively low
Hardness 58-62 HRC Hardness 60-70 HRC